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Horizon bugs thread
It seems that crates sent down the Cargo Bay's Sell External chute don't actually go to QM Storage, the little room by Disposals. People sent/falling down it get sent back to Cargo just fine, but not crates, whether they're being sold to specific traders or just the general market. Sending them directly from QM storage still works--if too slowly for my tastes. As far as I know, the station was still perfectly intact when I was experiencing this.
The new research hangar doesn't have those things that allow you to open it when in a pod (neither from inside nor from outside).

Also, not neccessarily a bug, but science usually has a monkey dispenser for getting cheap test subjects and Horizon lacks this feature.
I could have sworn I put the external opener things in, but they might have gotten lost in the transfer.
Monkey vendor will be added. tonight
The cold loop for the engine just straight up doesn't work. If using the outside pipes, it eats plasma far too quickly, and using the AC units just doesn't do anything.
Horizon's research seems to be missing a vendomat and those kind of accessories.
Engineering could use 2 or 3 air scrubbers.
There can be three miners, but it looks like mining only starts with two sets of space suits and such
Cargo routing is a crazy nightmare and often gets clogged or messed up within the first 15 minutes of the round. Cargo also doesn't have a transporter or recharger, genetics is missing the genetics board, and security doesn't have a riot launcher. I'm sure there's something that I'm forgetting about so I'll probably post again if something else comes to mind.

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