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Horizon bugs thread
(02-21-2019, 08:20 PM)Skornzy Wrote: There is an "ejection chute" next to the engineering dock that is colored like a brig chute, and even says that it leads to the brig in the description. It launches anything/anyone placed inside it out of the ship, and as far as I can tell it serves no purpose.

Can confirm the description needs to be changed.
Ideally these would have a different color than red (theres another in QM) but not grey since they do bypass disposals and go to space.
This spot could use a floor light i think. 
[Image: unknown.png]
The armory could do with a communications console.

you bet
+ disposals belts are too fast, causing unavoidable death when people are flushed with the doors open

+ there is no medical vendor in the OR

hopefully fixed ??
Computer Core still has the Conserve Power module and is missing the Emergency and Remove Crew modules.
A couple things still missing from Robotics.

There are no disposals chutes or mail chutes so we have no where to put garbage or junk to hide it. I like to keep a clean robotics room.

It does not start with a materials recycler so you have to go out and FIND one from somewhere in order to use the materials you start with.

There is something else I'm forgetting. Ill have to edit this when I figure it out.

No portable reclaimer in robotics|

The morgue is way too cold and unbreathable.
The AI upload has the removecrew module and the conservepower module instead of the new removecrew and emergencythingy modules.
Security appears to not have alternate outfits.

It also has 2 inmate outfit lockers.
I'm gonna go through all the nitpicks tonight, so please post as many tiny, insignificant and pedantic details as you can. Let's get months worth of missing bits done in one go, yee
add some loose spectroscopic goggles to chem's tables!!! !!!!!!!! Also, last I checked the portable pipe dispenser hadn't been added to engineering; dunno if this is still the case since it's been a few months, but it seemed glaring at the time given the reliance on transport pipes.
Artlab terminal won't connect and it cannot be used to login. This makes doing artifact research much more difficult frown
The APC in the engineering SMES room doesn't seem to be wired up:
[Image: XwPIRUO.png]
Sorry it's a poor picture, but I only had my AI shell on hand at the time. Here's the precise location on Goonhub to make up for it.
[Image: 0cGo7Dv.png]This entire area doesn't have a APC hooked up to it.

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