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Horizon bugs thread
Post any bugs you have with Horizon here!
Hydro's west maintenance entrance doesn't require Hydro access.
pathology not accessible by medical doctors

chemistry needs a glass recycler

far west mini-bar could maybe use a glass recycler

no ATM's on station
Chaplain can access robotics through the morgue.

Telesci has no space gps-es unless I am blind. Also other stuff like a helmet cam for example.

No phones.

Button for opening the cloning exit doesn't work.

Cargo pod bay (and maybe some others) can't be opened from outside.

No syringes in science.

I would expect tech storage to have at least one computer and console if not more. The portable computer is also missing.
Haine note: don't know what room you're referring to
This room next to arrivals seems to be designated as technical storage:
[Image: pr1NlA9.jpg]

Crates  coming through the AI satellite can break one of the glass windows which makes the following crates fly through it and not reach their destination.

Beepsky seems to sometimes get stuck on the bot nav beacons. I noticed this on the beacon just above the bridge.

Telescience public access door is not public access. Also there are no buttons to close the shutters on the teleporter doors but that may not be considered a bug.

In the garbage room next to the AI there is this really large sum of money (10s of thousands). It is quite awesome for getting stuff from the ChemDepot but I feel like it's not inteded.
Map looks great! But Syndicate drones don't move or attack anything.

Fixed itself somehow.
Back door to kitchen from maint is set to anyone and not just kitchen/bar.
Can't find any large (or standard) size power cells for initial borg upgrades birbwell.
Robotics has no charger


Also there aren't any tools in Robotics
No VR goggles crate.
Haine note: no room for this in the arcade, there are some on the DnD table

Detective VR goggles in the wrestling bar.

Detective VR goggles in DnD room.

No paper nor pen in DnD room.

Tabletop gaming kit already has die and Creature Conspectus in it. The die and Creature Conspectus on the table is a bit redundant.
Haine note: leaving these in

“Fore” disposal chute knocks you into a capsule machine.
Haine note: feature

Bridge could do with a glass recycler.

Bridge has no alert button.

Bridge has no emergency shutters.

Detective office could do with a couple of compact tapes.

No secure safes.

Telesci wall-mounted log is named "Test Chamber Recorder"

No laundry machines
Haine note: these are located between the pool and crew quarters

The map has zero of those yellow computer parts vending machines.

The clothing manufacturer that's inside the HoP's office could do with being moved to a public space, and the ID manufacturer could be put in its place.
There are not enough cameras WHATSOEVER for the AI to actually function.
Back door to botany also has access to everyone not just botany/to from maint.
Robotics has no cell chargers or toolboxes
[Image: bNDF3it.png]
Weird couch

[Image: h8crwXo.png]
I feel like there should be a door where those stairs are
Haine note: unless this becomes a problem I'm leaving it like this for now

[Image: ti4VIir.png]
Prisoners can just flush themselves out of Gen pop into disposals
there's a disposals outlet in front of research that's facing a wall
[Image: Qri5Vqb.png]

yes i made this account just to report this

Haine note: can't reproduce, might have been fucked with in whatever round you were playing
Engineering seems to have no powercells at all. But theres an empty charger for them in the control room already.
Science is said to have no syringes.

Is this actually the right place to post this? Not really a bug, but more of a missing thing thats present on the other maps.

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