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InternetDweller's Characters
You’re a freelance hacker working for the Syndicate, and you just managed to get access into NanoTrasens’ databases. Right now you’re supposed to be searching for some pretty sensitive information, but you have some time. Why not look at some of the crew files?

…who the hell are these nerds?

Name: Charlie “Sky” Collins
Assignment: Detective, Bartender
Age: 20
Risk: Low to Medium

Date and Location of Birth: 4/15/2033 | Chicago, IL
Influences: Always "driven by a sense of justice". Grew up in a rich prestigious household.
Relations with NanoTrasen: Worked on the behalf of NanoTrasen in Chicago, IL, as a detective. Solved various high-profile crimes.
Job History: Worked for the Chicago Police Department as a Detective, and was a contracted Detective for NanoTrasen in Chicago, IL.
Educational History: A child prodigy. Went into a private high school at age 12, and graduated at age 16. Completed his masters degree in forensic science at age 18 (not 100% verifiable).
Criminal Record: Had ties to the assassination of a NanoTrasen official that were later proven false. Hasn't committed any crimes.
Medical Record: Overall healthy. Smokes cigarettes to "help him focus", despite their detrimental effect.

Charlie seems to be an extremely intelligent individual, so he'll be a fantastic member of the security team. But of course with his intelligence, there's a higher chance that he'll defect. Given his past loyalties to NanoTrasen and his sense of justice, though, it's likely that he'll be a rather low-risk asset with a great benefit.

- Assessment performed by Kent Dawson on 12/6/52

Name: Edward "Alexander" Cox
Assignment: Captain
Age: 21
Risk: Low

Date and Location of Birth: Beverly Hills, CA | 9/2/2032
Influences: Grew up in an extremely rich family.
Educational History: Completed elementary, middle, and high-school. Got a degree in management, but there aren't any 100% verifiable records.
Job History: This is his first job.
Criminal Record: Hasn't committed any crimes.
Medical Record: Overall healthy, besides him smoking weed on the job.

He doesn't seem to be very intelligent and doesn't care for politics, so he'll be a rather safe asset. The only problem is that he has to be the Captain, otherwise the Cox family would cancel a very beneficial deal with NanoTrasen. His incompetence could harm the ship and/or crew, but it's a sacrifice we're willing to make.

- Assessment performed by Kent Dawson on 5/22/52

Hm. Typical. Back to searching, then...

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