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What are some of your deepest space man regrets/mistakes?
I've gotten pretty salty in the past about stuff I really shouldn't have because it's just a video game. I'm in a better place now (mentally, I don't mean that I'm dead).
My first ever round, my first action, I picked up a lit welder and refueled it.
When I was new to the game, I would always play as botanist. In one of my first few rounds, the Clown ran up to me, shoved me down, took my (active) chainsaw and threw it at me.
Thinking that he was attacking me and that throwing an active chainsaw at someone would hurt them, I picked it back up and started attacking him with it. Cant remeber if i killed him.

Some time later, someone showed me how to make explosive bananas. So in the next round I grew a bunch of them, among other things.
When the escape shuttle was on its way, I stuffed it all into one crate and dragged it onto the shuttle. Some guy ran up to it, opened it and took a bite of one of the bananas. It didnt end well for him.
that one time I spawned as traitor detective, heard OMJ announce his intentions to go on a c-saber rampage, neglected to fill myself with microbombs or even spend any TC and then went and fought him with just my .38 revolver.
Rip he
I lasered a dude once because I couldn't tell the difference between large air canisters and N20 canisters at the time. Also more dumbass deadchat arguments than I can count.
playing this game
My last antag round I grew some high potency omega slurrypods with the intention of looking for an opportunity to force-feed them to someone, but ended up misclicking and eating them myself instead.
Being a dick when in a hurry trying to do something that takes time and I get interrupted a few times by someone trying to innocently mess with me. I always regret my "Piss off!", because even if they're annoying me at that moment I now they don't mean to annoy me as much as I actually get annoyed. But sometimes not having enough time can mean "Well that's another 50min down the drain".
(02-05-2019, 05:37 PM)Haprenti Wrote: Being a dick
Heyyy, I've done that. I've written something like "Hit Manne Love up in game any time for questions" but every time somebody asked I was tired and cranky or it had been a year and I was really disinterested in ss13, so I blew them off.

I don't really feel bad for being a dick, that's just me. I hate going against my word, though. If you're gonna talk the talk, then ya' gotta walk the walk.

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