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What are some of your deepest space man regrets/mistakes?
Maybe you weren't thinking straight or were misinformed on what something did but you somehow fucked up in a way that made the game less fun for you/someone else or straight up everyone. What are some of your "fuck up" moments that whenever you are reminded of it make you want to smash your head against the wall while chanting "IDIOT" over and over?
One time I silently interrogated Cash Clewett in sec for half an hour. Turns out he didn’t do it

Edit: I’m sorry Cash!
Sometimes I still forget to search people properly after arresting them.

And not the "That's totally a normal pen" thing (which I tend to do on purpose because it feels dickish to take something that's supposed to seem harmless).

I mean the "Oh yeah you can keep that utility belt, no problem...wait, why is there a hole in the brig now?"
I spawned as a security officer, walked directly in to the main hallway then miss-clicked my jumpsuit off. Leaving me naked and dropping all of my gear directly in-front of the swarming staff assistants.

Pretty sure I just went and hid in a locker for a while after that one.
Definitely when dual-firing was implemented and I managed to point blank fire both a pistol and a rocket into the spessman in front of me. Also all those blob rounds when I am immediately spotted while I thought I was being clever.
Getting shoved into a reclaimer by someone masquerading as a sec officer...after he accidentally harmbatoned myself attempting to stun me.

Uncuffed a guy who turned out to be a mass murder-boner and proceeded to murder several more dudes. Had to exile myself into space for a good long while after that.

Also, even though it's not actually in-game, this:
[Image: P64M8SI.png]
Manne Love has no regrets! You'd need shame for that.

Really though, any time I've been a badguy. Especially a mindslave. Or any time I've been given any sort of responsibility in general. I have a lot (a lot a lot) of ambient time to devote fartybase 13, but rarely do I get a full hour. Anything heavier than a 'get drunk and die then idly spam deadchat' role is gonna have some shit-poor performance.
What inspired me to make this was about a year ago I was a sec officer and spaced someone I thought was a syndicate (Which is poor sportsmanship, stun em and brig em).

This was on Goon 1

The reason I thought they were syndicate was due to a radio they had

They were just doing RP fun to spice things up

Not a tator in any way shape or form

it was extended

I was did bad :C
I once forced someone to drink from a random hobowine bottle I found in maint. Turned out it had Dragons Breath in it and insta gibbed them a few minutes into the round. Oops.
- Forgetting I wasn't a traitor (I was a traitor last round) and killing an innocent person on the mining station because they saw my identity (pretty sure I got banned, as appropriate)
- Chiron (creating it was an alright experience but taking up folks' time was not so great)
- Space Cuba/Samedi (same as above)
Hi I'm guilty of powergaming on LLJK1 + Unnecessary murder
You have no idea.
There was that time I let out a dangerous virus that turned people into ice statues without knowing it was lethal.

I did end up shamecubed right before the shuttle arrived.
As Santa I murdered Awkward Dryad with the holiday snacks

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