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Bryce Richter
[Very much so a WIP]

Bryce Richter

Physical Description

Age: 25

Appearance: Caucasian, standing at 5'9" with a shock of blue hair. No facial hair whatsoever.

Typical apparel: The usual occupational attire, alongside his NanoTrasen beret. If available, blue, white, and black occupational jumpsuits/uniforms are also common for him to wear.

Personality Description

Alignment: Neutral Good

Morals: Being kind and understanding, knowing that good people do bad things and bad people do good things

Temptations: [WIP]

Oaths: I must do the job that I'm given, for a crew cannot hold together a ship if nobody does their part; NanoTrasen, despite its flaws, is a beacon of hope in the chaotic voids of space, and I must support this solace of sanity

Whims: If a problem, no matter how small, bothers me enough, I will try to fix it, for too many small problems is a big problem

Likes: Helping others out, when people are understanding/caring, tidiness
Dislikes: When things get messy/bloodied, unless he's on janitor duty and very bored

He is good at: Creating solutions to problems and keeping things tidy
He is terrible at: Keeping a level head in stressful scenarios and choosing the right solution to problems

Notable Characteristics: Has ADHD and is sometimes oddly apathetic to bad situations, despite his cautious attitude


Usual occupation: Medical/Civilian Departments
Rare occupations: Executive/Scientific Departments; Mining

Backstory: [WIP] Born on Mars

Things you may know about this character: [WIP]
Things you may not know about this character: His backstory and really what his personality is truly like, his true feelings towards NanoTrasen

Rough estimate on times he has been cloned: 50 times

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