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How does Cryo Storage work?
This question feels rather unanswered, at least to me, and I'd like to see if a general consensus can be reached on the following questions/proposals:
  • Are those stored in Cryo Storage awakened by an internal AI (separate from the actual AI that is played by people) depending on the crew necessary? Are they awakened for exercise? Just a general reason for why crews are sometimes utterly ill-equipped to handle a shift.
  • Does the Cryo Storage unit temporarily upload the skills and knowledge necessary for a crewmember to complete their assigned occupation, provided that they have received the proper training? The last bit is to explain why some crew aren't fully accustomed to their job (as in, those played by people new to said job).
  • Are those in Cryo asleep or in a Virtual Reality dreamscape? Or either?
If there are other questions/ideas to be shared, don't be afraid to do so!
I think this is completely and purely up to each person and it would be slightly silly for us to reach a unanimous decision. There's nothing concrete in the game or the "lore" for this but it is safe to say that the crew is awakened by either their own will or by an internal AI that is indeed just a computer somewhere on the ship/stations that is never interacted with. I personally just like to think that people wake up to do a part of their shift and once they see that there is nothing more to do, they return to stasis until they get awakened by the AI to perform their duties once more.

Personally, I like to explain the same person performing different jobs during a shift because they have multiple roles aboard the shift and are currently filling up the one that is most needed. (Although sometimes really doesn't make sense when you need a doctor and there's some guy running around as a janitor). And people being "new" in my opinion has more to do with Nanotrasen being really inept at choosing actually competent crew members or just in general cutting corners.

Personally I don't see anyone in a virtual reality while in the cryo. The whole point of cryo is that there would be no active cells in the human body, that would include human brain cells which would be needed to interact in VR.

These are just my opinions though, there really is nothing official.

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