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that one asshole

"I'll have a virgin Vodka Martini."
"What did I do?"

Roman Lawhon


[Image: 530907515580317696.png?v=1]

[Image: 48c11b88011994e126c57ba3de9ddbe1.png]


Mother Russia Cries   (Intro)
Dance of Rusty Nails (Active)
Hardcore Velocity      (Action)

Physical Description:
  • Age: Biological: 38 Chronological: 84
  • Bloodtype: A+
  • Build: Mesomorphic
  • Clone Count: Probably somewhere in the 400+.
  • Disabilities: Can't whistle well.
  • Distinguishing Features: Hairstyle. Smells like a Soviet Shitty Bill half the time.
  • Ethnicity: Russian
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Also Brown
  • Height: Above average.
  • Unique Traits: Affinity for "style". Will bring a sample from his hat collection to work.More resistant to addiction from years of substance use, but is more flammable from his constant smoking, and has worse blood filtration from being perpetually drunk.

Personal Information: 
  • Alias: Roman "Volk" Lawhon (self-given middle name)
  • Birthdate: August 10 
  • Birthplace: Undisclosed location in the USSR.
  • Current Residence: Whatever Nanotrasen station he is currently on. Space hobo.
  • Economic Status: Middle-class
  • Education: BS in Quantum Rocket Surgery, various small self-taught skills
  • Habits: Smoking, Drinking, Kicking (ass), Verbal abuse, Kicking (people)
  • Hobbies: Alcohol. Tobacco. Brawling. The occasional family-recipe pie. ENDLESSLY tormenting the crew.
  • Marital Status: Hahahahahahaha.
  • Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 46%
  • Occupation: Nanotrasen Employee
  • Personality Traits: Abrasive. Tough. Maybe a little lucky. Doesn't think a lot before doing things. Emotional, not usually in the sappy way.
  • Personality Type: ESFP
  • Previous Occupations: Janitor, Drug Peddler, Space Janitor
  • Religion: (Agnostic) Roman Catholic
  • Zodiac: Leo
Supplementary Information:
  • Likes: His favorite smoke brand (oddcigs). Being armed. Lax security (except when he's Sec). Old friends. Fucking with other Nanotrasen employees.
  • Dislikes: The Fuzz (when he's not Sec). Lack of a competent bartender. People intruding on his business.
  • Fears: The Bratva catching up with him.
  • Favorite Cocktail: White Russian
  • Favorite Animal: Wolf
  • Favorite Color: Maroon
  • Favorite Gun: AK-744

Before Nanotrasen, a younger Roman found himself working as the janitor for a large Russian hospital. During this time, he picked up considerable knowledge from the doctors and scientists working there, as well as gaining a tolerance to rather grim sights in the operating theatres and emergency rooms. After a particularly rough patch of international relations (and being kicked out for stealing drugs from the pharmacy), Roman found himself part of a Nanotrasen PR stunt to recruit Soviet workers for their new stations. With his janitorial talent, he found himself becoming a regular face among NT's newest vessels, being held in cryo storage for considerable amounts of time to preserve his clean streak of cleaning. However, decades of being held in earlier iterations of Nanotrasen cryo storage has had its toll on him, inducing a sort of sickness making him more vulnerable to volatile and miscreant behavior. Though his trust in NT has faded over the years, being allowed to thaw out has reduced the effect of his cryosleep sickness significantly over recent times.

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