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Wisecrack34's "WHAT THE ACTUAL-"
A 10th circle of hell specially built just for my original characters!

I do not have byond access rn so I shall post em later

"You're not my mom!" 
"You give me an engine, I'll give you an affront to god himself and several filled body bags"
Ereven Nailo
Unavaliable atm
 General Theme
 Getting Dead
 Wise No
 Feeling Penisy (NSFW)
Name: Ereven Bradley Nailo
Alias: Diddles the Clown (When on clown duty) (Diddles is his own clown and don't need no man), Unknown (Should you see someone labeled unknown they are obviously Nailo in disguise)
Age: 34 
Birthday: 2,13,XXXX
Zodiac: Snake
Ethnicity: Ukranian/Russian Bloodline
Place of Birth: Canada
Current Residence: Maint. Closet 
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Purple
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Build: Meh. Kinda looks like if you took an emo, inverted the getup and aged em 10 years
Disabilities: Moves a lot when under pressure (Excuse for anxious shake irl)
Occupation: Very, Go Away
Status: Alive
Previous Occupations: Yes
Education: Yes
Martial Status: White Belt Karate
Traits: Hyper, Childish, Forgetful
Habits: Plotting evilly at all times
Hobbies: Hosting poorly planned events, Accidentally blowing off own limbs, Goofing off, Cats, Mocking monkeys
Admires: Nerds, Competent People, Fairness, Cats/Flying Yellow Cats
Disdains: "Unfair Hardasses", Rebecca Somethingorother, Monkeys to an extent
Fears: Having his dark secret discovered, even if by himself!, Being asked to fix an engine, Being called out as a Chaotic Neutral and large dogs

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