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Welcome to RP Discussion
Hello and welcome to the Goonstation RP Discussion. 

This section of the forums is used to announce upcoming role playing events that will be played out on Goonstation #1, after an event it would be advisable to post some feedback/thoughts on the event so we can gather valuable feedback from you players. 

Important announcements regarding Goon #1 will also be posted here. You are allowed to discuss all things related to role playing here (from rules to personal opinions on what is counted as power gaming. A personal favorite of mine.) Although please note that suggestions to actual game mechanics should be directed towards Ideas & Suggestions section. You can also use this section to announce your own events that do not require admins to be present and also plan them out (although if you do have access to the DM planning one, we suggest to still use that).
Mmmmmm very nice
Would it be in bad taste to create a character with the occupation “Ultra-God”?
Please place below Ideas, the general and ideas hurts me emotionally

Now to write 20 paragraphs on every one of my OCdonotsteal's backstories
I hope this thread is right for my question, but I have to ask it. I am a Goon player since 2016. Had my on and off times of activity and such, but one can say I am a Goon right now. The problem is, I only found Goon because I was banned on Baystation for my... well... ridiculous character ideas. But I love roleplaying. The question is... Should I get on Goon 1 to RP? I know that I can roleplay, ask the guys on, but I don´t know if it suits Goon RP too.

Ofcourse my main playground will always be Goon 2, but I want to try the RP section out too. Is it a good idea or not?
Give it a shot, just ask in OOC to make sure everything is ok with the other players
It sounds like you'd fit in about perfectly TBH.

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