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making steel wheat contain an appropiate material
synthorgans contain pharosium, steel wheat should contain steel.
Actually it'd honestly be pretty nice to refine steel wheat into steel. Not sure why this isn't a thing. Very Goon-esque and useful!
Seconded, it's a very Goon concept, and it would be genuinely useful to boot!
let us get hemp from weed so we can make jumpsuits that get you high if you're on fire
that wouldn't work, my idea would have a few item id changes, maybe a few dozen lines at most if the code is similar to what I would guess it is, yours would have to add a whole new item property, I have no idea how many lines/hours that would be. also, it would be abusable and nerfed to the ground once the splicing chemnerds got here.

edit: sorry if that comes off as a bit harsh, but coding is extremely time intensive and I just wanted to get a useful feature added, not actually a gimmick.
they also play the theme from Friday when u put them on.....
oh, one note, jumpsuits can't have special properties
and, the jumpsuit would eventually just burn.
steel weed tbh

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