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Medical patch should have an application delay for non-doctors
Im worried that an application delay or progress bar will end up killing people outside of combat.
Small list of situations I feel would be frustrating enough to space myself:
- dazed movement
- staff assistants pushing around
- monkey anywhere nearby
- depressurisation winds
- cough & twitch
- shallow-mid crit unconsciousness bouts
- clown in same room
- conveyor belt
- being on the move in any way, shape or form

I.E. any interruption that might be used to say "hey youre in a fight you cant apply a patch" is going to be super commonplace and make death from the common cold a very real possibility.
Mercy killing + cloning >> Dealing with pushy assistants
These are nice ideas but we should be rating the original idea first, then disusing other solutions after
In regards to things interrupting the slow application of patches. It can be set so that things like movement will not interrupt the application.
How long would this delay be? Would 1 second be enough or would 3 be better? 5?
Giving patches a delay would only work if on-touch meds were restricted to patches. Last thing we wanna do is buff chemnerds. This is coming from a former chemnerd. Removing delay for those with medical training makes sense, but only in an ideal world. It's best to just add it for self-healing.

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