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Traitor Botanist item: Produce Launcher
Items that are blacklisted get regular thrown at them
hmm, #1 be a BIT too powerful, considering that rainbow melons exist
and brainburgers
How about making this a chef/botanist traitor item called "The Force Feeder", which basically does what has been described so far:

Launches both produce and foodstuffs with a chance to make a target instantly consume the item on collision.

However, as certain chef foods are harder to make, I would argue for having a very high chance to successfully force feed someone IF the item being fired is not produce but rather a meal/something cooked (e.g roburgers). Produce is made in abundance whereas meals aren't. So, maintaining the 1/3 chance to force feed someone for produce still maintains the balance, as effectively only 1/3 of the stuff botanists make can be used as a weapon (and even though that's still a lot, the chef's foods are much more potent so it mostly balances out).
yeah, especially how chef has exclusive machines, and that makes you have to be more clever as a botanist to get your stuff cooked, or if you are a chef, you'd still have difficulty procuring either the ingredients or ammunition, considering how cooking is so time consuming. although, certain foods could be abusable, and I don't know how it would deal with processed foods.

edit: by processed I mean the quick and simple in hand processing such as slicing a fruit.
Foods that could be op should probably be made less op

Like using borgers to make vigilantes non-hostile/ your minions if you subverted the AI
I mean stuff like a brainburger with high potency chili sauce.
you get a stun and oxy damage at first, then the prions kick in and you're dead.

well, a lot of things chef and botany can make are extremely deadly...
Keep em but make em much harder to get (Maybe monkey brains make dumbergers)
I like the idea of this item, but balancing it seems to be the biggest problem. I'd say making it a single shot, manually loaded weapon would be a good start. 
Also dont give it the ability to be directly loaded with items from a produce satchel or other containers. You have to actually click it with the item to load it.

This won't let them spam explosive tomatos an the likes. Brainburgers, and whatever else that is really deadly would, only have a chance of being forcefed, instead of being fully blacklisted and unusable.
See, I value the gun for it's comedy applications as opposed to its usefulness. For that reason, it having a large ammo clip in the form of a produce satchel and a rapid rate of fire are essential to the joke of being hit with a tsunami of food.

Maybe the gun just doesn't do any lethal damage at all.

Instead, it just takes any food as ammo, chops it up, and fires it rapidly. Being hit by it does crazy stamina damage, and reduces vision, on top of making a huge mess.

Hell, maybe the gun isn't a gun at all, but an auto turret friendly to the person that spawned it. That frees the Botanist/Chef to grow/cook more food to keep the gun stocked up and take care of the stunned victims
an auto turret sounds more like a mutation; and with its limited, not self refilling ammo, they'd just build a window and empty the turret.

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