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Mentor Application: Jhon
Usual Character Name: Jhon Warcrimes / Flesh Utopia
BYOND Username: john_warcrimes
Recommended by (if applicable): LovelyMimic
Times Available: US Eastern evenings & Weekends in-game, all other times via Discord.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): 
I’ll start with the reason I’m applying.
In every job, club, or circle that I commit myself to, I aim to be 3 things: A coach, an innovator, and a drunk. I believe that a game worth playing tends to amass a strong community, and a strong community is worth contributing to in whatever way one can. I think this is a logical way to give back, and provide the kind of support I was too foolish to ask for when I started playing.

I began playing SS13 on LLJK2 in late 2013 under another handle, father_relaxe, with a goon friend. I was a moron, an absolute pubber and likely a huge sap on the fun of the game. I fundamentally didn’t understand the mechanics, I didn’t get the community, and I didn’t feel welcome in it. For a very long time I only popped in once in a while when friends were online, made phlogiston, griefed, got myself killed, and observed others- trying to learn, and always too scared to ask for help. I think about how many other players like me had that same experience & I want to become a part of Goonstation but just give up, and don’t come back. I think good mentorship is a huge part of that.

I came back under the current handle 2 years ago, nearly to the day. I got into playing more socially, with more friends. Got into the forums to appeal an accidental permaban, stayed for the discussion, and that’s when I got hooked. I’m drawn to the suggestions forum, giving my (awful) view on how to make the game more fun™. I’m drawn to answering questions and asking my own to improve my understanding of the fun™. I got pulled into mapping and discovered more about the game than I thought I could, how things tick, how things interact, how things break. I got pulled into the Discord where learning, laughing and self-improvement are such a part of everyday conversation it’s hard not to come out a better spessmen.

I usually play Barman, HoP, and Clown- Not the most technical roles, but ones that allow me to get to know people.
I may not be a face-melting superchemist, a hellburning chief or a lawgiver bastion of justice, but I’ve got my bases in every department, I’ve got my tools, I’ve got my will.
For whatever it's worth i've gotten pretty good with Dream Maker and would be really happy to help people produce setpieces.
And I want to help new players be better spesspeople than me.

I know putting this application out here is going to attract a lot of much needed feedback and criticism, and I'm hoping that if i'm not up to the cut yet, I'll get there with your responses.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will):
As mentioned above, I was mistakenly permabanned while using the old ckey father_relaxe in December 2016, and while I don’t think the note appears on john_warcrimes, I’m laying it out here anyway. TL;DR : Haine mistook me for HipEkans ban-evading and banned me until we could clear up the mistaken identity.

Thanks for reading!
jhon knows a lot and seems interested in teaching! theyre a good person to boot and would make a good mentor smile
Yeah, John knows shit and he's not shit. Never had a negative interaction with him. He should be purple.
John knows his farty spacemans and I haven't had any bad interactions with him. Yes from me
John is definitely a positive force, and helped me learn alot about mapping, and through that, SS13. Cant remember any negative interactions. Yes from me.

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