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Mentor Application
Usual Character Name: Svet Rodion

Byond Username: ItsBoshyTime

Recommended By: N/A

Times Avaliable: Every day (unless otherwise specified) between 5-10 EST

Reason For Application/ Game Experience:

I applied for mentorship because Goonstation is honestly my favorite server on Space Station 13. It's the only one I play on anymore and have many, many hours in it. I love the community around the server and only want to make it bigger and better. I want to get more in contact with everyone in the community and give back to the server and people that have given me so much.

In my opinion, the jobs on Goonstation are top tier. I have decent experience in a lot of the jobs of the station, including :
- Chef
- Engineer
And each one has been completely different from the other in the people and experiences I have had. Not only in between jobs, but in between individual rounds. My personal favorites are Chef and Engineer, and those are the ones you'll see me on most often.

I play on Goon as often as I possibly can. While my life has been busy as of right now, I will definitely play at least two rounds every day, and spectate even more (if i get the mentor role). I have a lot of knowledge in the controls and hotkeys, and I consider myself quite robust (I've won most fights I've participated in, minus surprise attacks). While chef and engineer are my primary roles, I have decent knowledge in most jobs, if not all, and can easily provide help for those who need it, including new players. I enjoy teaching new people, whether they be new to Goon or SS13 in general. I have done it to a few people before, giving them tips on how to do things such as starting the engine. I have even taught a player who has never played the game before how to fight (An admin actually made me into a wrestler for it with the objective "TEACH HIM HOW TO FIGHT". I lost.)

None, although I once got bwoinked for writing "gay" on the floor with crayon
I remember Svet as being knowledgeable and pleasant.
Dear god we need more mentors, let the man in!!!

More seriously though, they seem knowledgy enough for the title, I'd recommend asking for a -tar first though.
Frankly, I have no idea who you are. I do mainly play on the RP server, but even for the times that I've been on Goon 2 I haven't seen you at all. I can't say that I approve.
i don't recognise the name, sorry.
not really sure how fightskills are a mentoring quality just kinda confused about that bit.
I was just giving an example on my knowledge of the game.

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