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Face the fear. Build the future. (Lobotomy Corporation LP, give me characters!)
Oh boy, I love this game. Still taking character requests?
(06-08-2019, 01:07 PM)Wisecrack34 Wrote: I guess you could say that the game... gave you the bird

Ereven has one life left because of the severe terribleness of this pun.  You brought this on yourself.

And yes, always taking requests.  It'll take a few videos before you see them, as I have a few weeks worth of recording.

The video for character options can be found on the first page, but I'll give it to you here.
have the later recordings made you more or less depressed at the story
You mean like the "Day 25" incident?

I haven't had anything since that. I think the most part was just it coming seemingly out of nowhere. With the semi-cutesy art style the game tends to have, once you get used to seeing the terrifying things happen to your people it kind of makes you forget that it is a horror game. Not to mention knowing they usually only show from Sephirah Meltdowns, so I can prepare myself to the possibility of a slightly more detailed blood coming out of every orifice picture again.

Or worse...

Either way, minor panic attacks should stop unless something wants to terrify me like the scarecrow does. Hooray!
Is that a boss fight you have behind your back?

It's not gonna kill everyone is it?

Episode 21 is here.

Also have a free picture.

[Image: tumblr_pt5kagXYmz1rpf6nso1_400.png]

The fact that youtube wants to make Manne Love the unofficial mascot of these videos has not gone unnoticed by me.
Episode 22 is here.
Sorry for the late update, new work days means I'm in a hurry to not be late and just forgot about this.  Uploading it on time only helps people who follow this on youtube on their own.

On a side note, here's something I made with too much time on my hands.
A ton of sugar.
A pinch of spice.
A little bit of magic.
Throw in a bit of self identity issues.
Fuck it, get a transformation spell.
Mix it all together.
What do ya get?
Episode 23.
Episode 24 is here.

Today, we find out what happened to that little girl that went to Grandma's house.
FYI Technature in episode 24, the audio is very loud in the left ear but quiet in the right ear.

I know when I was editing there was a point where the volume suddenly shot up on one audio track, but I don't know if that's related.
So I started editing the next video today.

So up to this point, the video's I've recorded have four separate lines of audio.

This was not the case with the last video, and from then I have five lines of audio.

The new line is significantly louder than the rest of the recorded audio, and it seems to focus on shooting out of the left speaker as loud as possible.

I have no idea as to why this is happening, but I'm going to delete the 5th audio line to see if that helps for now.
Let's look into some new things in episode 25.

On a side note, the end of the run is pretty clearly in sight.  I have a credits idea prepared involving the custom characters, but that would require permission to be on the safe side.  I mean, I doubt the videos will be much beyond Goonstation, but I figured I'd ask.

If you want a name or link associated with your characters, let me know.  They'll be labelled as anonymous otherwise.

Basic idea for the Placeholder:
[Image: tumblr_pul91eeaJZ1rpf6nso1_1280.png]
Sure big grin
im fine with whatever commemorating mr dunkleman and his weirdly successful run

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