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Face the fear. Build the future. (Lobotomy Corporation LP, give me characters!)
Guess who's back?

Payback is so cathartic.
Shame death happened as much as it did tho...
as said on youtube

Episode 13, the lucky one.

Guess I can add scarecrows in the list of things I'm genuinely terrified of now.
Episode 14

I don't think I could think of something funny today.  The story took quite the nasty turn.
On that bombshell.

[Image: tumblr_pqmma5jjYo1rpf6nso1_1280.png]

I gotta admit, I grew attached to the rando.
Is it even worth spoiling the fact that Manne Love died again?

I don't think it is.

He's like the Kenny of the series.
What the actual fuck is a boss fight?
Episode 17

Part 1!

Boss Rush Weekend!

Got everyone together for a new photo shoot.  Sadly, uh...the file got corrupted...

[Image: tumblr_prn2k5EhN91rpf6nso1_540.png]
Please appreciate this it took so long especially Bobson's took forever to get a screenshot never assigned Bobson to anything that day good god
oooooh whats going on in here
dunkleman is backkkkk
Episode 17

Part 2!

Boss Rush Weekend continues!

And let me tell ya, every one of you become so damn incompetent in this episode.

I mean, come on guys.

It's been like three weeks.

You people shouldn't be making mistakes by now.

Except Manne.  Manne not dying on any given day is just an abnormality in itself.
Episode 17

Part 3!

Boss Rush Weekend comes to a close.

Why was this not the first boss?
Episode 18

You ever look at something that terrifies you and just think


I'd like to beat the ever loving shit out of you right now."

And it?

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