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Face the fear. Build the future. (Second Run, watch your characters die horribly!)
(01-05-2019, 02:09 PM)Wisecrack34 Wrote: Nailo would have obviously won if they were more charismatic, some makeup should help (Changing eyes again, 24 please big grin )

(Also sorry)

I was about to curse you out but then I noticed that it was the choice you clarified earlier and noticed I needed no effort.


[Image: tumblr_pkvq4vQYjD1rpf6nso1_640.png]

Hopefully that should be everything good and set to go.

wait who's that last one?

Fun fact:
Did you miss the suicide at the 37 minute mark ON THE DOT?
Yeah I missed it til now.
Name: Hurtful Sam

frondt hare 26
back hare 9

Basic Eyes 6
Basic Eyebrow 13
Basic Mouth 1

Combat Eyebrows 3
Combat Mouth 2

Panic Eyes 0
Panic Eyebrows 3

Dead Eyes 2

Here's you winnings, Sam.

I should know better than to bet on first death. Manne Love's true hidden talent is being so bad at his job that everyone dies.

Totally his fault and not the manager's!  I can't imagine the experience the manager's had to be where he is.
that went well
Where can I watch?
(01-06-2019, 03:07 AM)Wonkmin Wrote: Where can I watch?

(01-05-2019, 01:11 PM)Technature Wrote: What did we learn?

Managing abominations is hard.

Oh hey look at this weird thing I found to tide us til I regain my confidence.
As far as I know, the main point of the game is failing horribly and watching everyone die until you build up your persistent pokedex. So far, you're doing great.

Only way you could've made it better was if everyone died after the first interaction somehow.
Ah Lobotomy Corp. I remember stumbling into a video about it one day and then one very slow day at work I ended up learning about every single creature despite my lack of actually ever bothering to own the game in any capacity.

Honestly, you shouldn't feel too bad about how the first go went, the earliest parts of the game tend to be most brutal when expendable meat vessels are a large cost to lose in order to learn. If there's a second go, I'd probably recommend starting off with a team of...expendables and then phase in spacemen over time simply because the cost was the difference between having three agents (or more skilled ones) to die for knowledge rather than moderately less expendable faces.
Thanks for the advice.

The lack of confidence thing was mostly a joke to be fair. Even playing at the time I know bad luck had a lot to do with the loss.
I actually looked up the thing I lost to while seeing as little information as possible. Turns out the job I sent Manne in for was literally the worst choice possible.
To be fair I was too busy holding back my laughter over losing two people to the bird.

Admittingly I'll probably ignore the advice because, let's be honest, watching our people die is why we're all here.
I will probably use extra points for randoms instead of strengthening people since it won't matter THAT much at the beginning hopefully?
Don't hold back next time, humor is a good medicine I hear (I'm sure the staff could use plenty of it)
I got the game to and it took me way too long to understand the Qliphoth counter thing, even then im not entirely sure I understand the whole system yet. Loved the video, RIP Sam!
Good thing I rolled a backup Sam.
(01-07-2019, 05:02 AM)Recusor Wrote: I got the game to and it took me way too long to understand the Qliphoth counter thing, even then im not entirely sure I understand the whole system yet.

From what I can tell, the counters go down for various reasons which are unique to each abnormality (the strait jacket guy for example goes down from a bad work result).  Once it hits 0, bad things happen based on what the abnormality is exactly (for example breaking out of containment).

Fun fact:That fucker has a maximum counter of 1!

Other things can also reduce the counter (like panicking agents with high Justice stats).

[Image: tumblr_pl0ceeExkT1rpf6nso1_640.png]

Important information following.
[Image: tumblr_pl0cldDqU31rpf6nso1_75sq.png][Image: tumblr_pl0ceeExkT1rpf6nso2_100.png]
hah, I love the new "Almost Sam Eagle"

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