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Blueflame20's Ban Appeal (Admin: Flourish)
Who banned you?: Flourish

Byond Key: Blueflame20

Date of Ban: December 24-26, 2018. (12/24-26/18)

Specified Reason for Ban: As a changeling on the RP server, murdered two other players without any RP or meaningful interactions. Was not on when this was brought to admin attention. Please read the rules (and the RP rules!) and make an appeal on the forums if you'd like to play here, thanks.

Ban Length: Permanent 

What led to the ban?: The round began with me as a changeling, with the objectives of absorbing crew DNA (if I remember correctly). [Not knowing the RP rules,] I then went to kill and absorb someone without conversation. Later went on to wander and find the last person. I remember him flashing me, then I said why. I preceded to kill him, then dragged him to Medbay to heal him as I started to realize I was being cruel. I saw he most likely wouldn't make it, so I decided to absorb him. While I was absorbing they said in OOC something about how if I wanted 10 minute rounds I should join the second server. I felt guilty so I let them take control over my body. I said in hivemind something around "I gave you control" and "Have fun" before I left.

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I have read the rules before this round, but I missed the RP rules. I wasn't aware of this rule at the time. So, I foolishly tried to complete my objective quickly thinking that it'd be fine to kill without RP. After killing the last person, I realized that just killing them was stupid and cruel of me. I now know that I broke an RP rule of killing without interaction. I enjoy playing this game and would like to continue. I truly understand that what I did breaks rules and takes away fun from others. I should've thought more about my actions and interacted with others so it would be fun for everyone. I apologize for my behavior and the inconvenience I created for everyone.

Evasion attempts: I left the game after I killed and gave control to the last person. It was late (past 12:00 AM) so I left to sleep. I left without knowing I broke a rule, I did not mean evade. I'm sorry for also posting this forum 5 days after the ban.

Sorry for the long post.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Thank you for the appeal and detailed explanation! I've unbanned you.
This is one of the nicest appeals I've ever seen. I hope you enjoy playing here and stick around, we could always use more people with this mindset.

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