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[Feature] Synth-limbs can be attached without surgery.
I just had a round where a botanist made a synth limb to replace a limb I had lost. This was the first time it has ever happened to me since synth limbs are so completely useless. But while it was happening I thought to myself that it would be a lot better if I could attach the limb on the scene in the bar and not have to worry about medical to get it stapled on, when I already have the limb he worked so hard to make.

Now, all synth limbs can simply be attached to a person by clicking the appropriate synth limb on a person while selecting the right target zone.


Technical notes:

Okay so this is a really really simple patch. I just add a check in the attach proc on obj/item/parts and the attack proc in /obj/item/parts/human_parts/ to see if src is a synth limb. 

Unfortunately, because of the way those objects exist in the heirarchy, I couldn't do something as simple as override those procs for synth organs in particular or just a single istype(src, /obj/item/parts/human_parts/synth) because they are pathed as "/obj/item/parts/human_parts/leg/left/synth". So I had to spell it all out.

I technically could have overridden the appropriate procs in each synth limb obj as they exist now, but it would have amounted to MORE code than writing these two ugly if statements.
idea: just make it into a local define at least, so it's more readable

edit: or not since it's only used once
still icky frown
imagine this patch but for synthorgans lol
(12-31-2018, 05:31 AM)John Warcrimes Wrote: imagine this patch but for synthorgans lol

I mean, it could work for syntheyes

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