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Datmanisdumb's unban appeal - Flourish
Who banned you?: flourish
Byond Key: Datmanisdumb
Date of Ban: Around a week ago
Specified Reason for Ban: Randomly attacked multiple people as a ghost critter. Was not on when this was brought to admin attention. Please make an appeal on the forums explaining your actions if you'd like to play here, thanks.
Ban Length: permanent
What led to the ban? attacking people as ghost critter
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I thought the ghost critters could do whatever they want because on hippie if you get turned into a monkey or any other animal you are valid to the whole crew and you can attack/kill whoever you want. So I thought I was okay, but clearly not. Some banjo thing somebody bought for some great re kitty face
Evasion Attempts: 0
Hi! When you become a ghost critter, you get a popup detailing things that shouldn't do, including attacking people for no reason. I'll unban you now, but please read those sorts of things in the future, and if you have any questions regarding whether you can attack/kill someone, please feel free to adminhelp.

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