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Metagaming - Hokie
Who banned you: Hokie

Byond Key: Lucaszecron

Date of Ban: One or Two years ago, i cant remenber exact date

Specified Reason for Ban: "Mile long notes, metagaming with SykuGamer."

Ban Length: Perm

What led to the ban?: I metagamed with my friend SykuGamer long time ago, at the time we dint know how to play properly and as a good kid I wanted to see everything the game could give me, every role, possibility, i was simply enchanted with genetics and lost a lot of time playing with the code and trying to see every inch of what the game could give me, after some playing and metagaming i did a lot of mistakes, the mile long notes might refer to the things i done in this time.

Why should I be unbanned: That happened when i was new to the game, i was young and immature, as today i can't say I'm perfect but i grown up, at least for understanding the value of the rules, I see that the game is made for making stories and making a good roleplay, the rules just cooperate with the gameplay, i see today that the ban was totally fair and i was super toxic as a kid with the ban, at the time i dint understand the real reason metagaming was wrong, but today i see that it totally ruins the experience of IC when you're connected OOC with someone, I really regret what i did, i want to show that i can follow rules properly and play the game in the right way, doing a roleplay and following the rules as it should be done!

Evasion Attempts: I don't really remember so i dint post on the first version of my appeal (sorry for multiple posts i always see that i can be better, I'm not good at expressing myself) and I probably did, I wasn't so smart so i probably though "they banned my account not this one!" it dint work. I really don't remember I'm just saying what i can guess from knowing myself
I really appreciate your appeal and have decided to unban you. Give me a few minutes from the post-time of this post and you should be unbanned. Thanks!
Thank you a lot Hokie, im real sorry for so much reposts, im very bad at expressing myself

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