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(Admin: flourish) Redlava12 Ban Appeal
Who banned you?: flourish
Byond Key: Redlava12
Date of Ban: December 25-26, 2018 (12/25-26/2018)
Specified Reason for Ban: As a changeling on the RP server, murdered two other players without any RP or meaningful interactions. Was not on when this was brought to admin attention. Please read the rules (and the RP rules!) and make an appeal on the forums if you'd like to play here, thanks.
Ban Length: Permanent Ban
What led to the ban?: My brother and I play on this server (using the same WiFi connection). He ended up getting banned for the actions stated above. I was in the same server when the actions above were done, but I did not partake in any of those things. I'm guessing the ban extended to me since we have the same IP address. I was able to play one round today recently where I walked around and then ended up going AFK (but I forgot to exit the game). When I came back to my game I got the message that I was banned as well.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: While I play with my brother, we do not talk to each other outside of the chatbox, metagame, or work together in order to benefit one another (we are in separate rooms). I can understand why I would've been banned (since we both play on the same IP address); however, I did not partake in the actions stated above and we are not the same person and I'am not an alt account. I did not assist my brother in doing these actions. I was one of the two players murdered in the situation.

*Note* The one round that I played today wasn't the round where my brother partook in the actions that led to his ban.
Since this is a ban for your brother, it would be best if he could make an appeal. Could you talk to him about that please?
Alright, I'll talk to him. Thank you for the response!

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