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Mentor Application
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Usual Character Name: Boris Bubbleton
BYOND Username: Questx
Recommended by (if applicable): Throrvardr Finvardrardson  said I should I apply for mentor as well as HoS.
Times Available: After 4 pm EST weekdays and most weekends.

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): 

I would love to assist the new crew members that join us here on Goon. As it stands I tend to help these new players out anyway, this would make it official. I've been playing for years and I can share my experience with the newbies. In real life I have to train/supervise newbies at work, so I am quite accustomed to being helpful/patient. On station I can spot a new player (or confused one) a mile away and I always assist them (even as antagonist-- where's the fun in killing Bambi's?). I've played with and learned from nearly all of the mentors/admins.

My Goonstation experience is robust, I am knowledgeable in each job and every station. My primary areas of focus have been Medical, Security, and the Bar. In these jobs I can teach everything vital these areas have to offer. I am capable of mentoring the absolute basics of game play to proper Goon etiquette. Cloning, surgery, brain transplants, strange reagent, borging, I can handle them all and can share this information to anyone who asks. Having already explained my security experience in my HoS application and will omit that here. I consider myself an master bartender and chef. These two spots are very good starter positions and I could help someone with this stuff in my sleep.

Although I prefer the other work areas I also know chemistry, mechanics (and a few in depth things Horse Horsington has showed me), engineering (I still haven't mastered Hellburns), QM, janitorial and botany basics. If I happened to leave a job out, I assure you I've played it. I do not know many secret recipes or hidden secrets, but I do know the straight forward areas extremely well.

I am skilled with handling the Wiki and know where to get appropriate answers. It's time for me to share what I know about Goonstation... I am eager to help and I am at your disposal. 

Previous Bans:

None that I can remember. I may have been banned when I first started because I was totally clueless about the game... but I don't remember that happening. I try to stay out of trouble and report serious rule breaking.

Thank you for your consideration! 

queen greater domestic space-bee

Bork bork bork!
An absolute yes from me, I'm always happy to see Boris around the station. He is an incredibly friendly player with a wealth of knowledge, the perfect combination for mentorship.
Ive only ever had good interactions with Boris, even after I stole his trademark blue hair. Good player, likely a good HoS

derp, meant that other one for the HoS app. Because of the stated reasons Boris would also be a good mentor though.
Super polite and knowledgeable player, would be a very polite and knowledgeable mentor.

Whenever I need help in medical, and Boris is around, I can count on him to not only help with skill, but to notice on his own and assist wherever is needed without being asked. Boris kept annoying me when I was new to force me to learn to translate his swedish chat, and tbh I think it's hilarious and useful as hell. Boris is a great player, and very helpful.

Definitely! Boris would be a great mentor. Maybe he could even give other players tips on how to very skillfully arrange bar drinks.
Absolutely, mentor the swedish man.
Mentor they

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