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HoS Application
Big Grin 
Usual Character Name: Boris Bubbleton
BYOND Username: Questx
Recommended by (if applicable): Throrvardr Finvardrardson and Jenkins both said I should I apply and here I am.
Times Available: After 4 pm EST weekdays and most weekends.

Reason for Application: 

I enjoy security and do my best to give antagonists a fair chance before an execution. I think I could help maintain order and limit the number of unnecessary deaths here on Goon (both the crew and antags). Security is an important role and leading up security is even more vital. The HoS needs to mediate and handle situations, not just lock up criminals. Knowing how to deal with situations proportionate to the crime(s) is important, not only for the safety of the crew but for fairness towards the antagonists. I think I could do this well and share this mentality with newcomers. Not only do I try to be fair but I try to play along with RP antagonists (to a reasonable extent). Many of these role playing moments are what give us our best memories. A HoS who can read the situation, call the right shots, and play along can make or break the rhythm/fun of a round.

I love helping people and taking a moment to explain things... hopefully they can understand my Swedishness (If not I can effectively communicate to people via PDA, pen and paper, etc). I would like to help teach security members how to handle conflicts in game properly with arrests followed by appropriate jail time. And show them how to deal with antagonists and how/when to execute them. When interacting with the crew I talk before acting (usually at my own peril)... I prefer to take a soft handed approach (although I know who to keep a keen eye on). Normally I try subdue a potential antagonist/crimer with non-lethal means, unless I see a severe threat to the station/crew. 

The underlying reason I am applying is because I think it would be a good fit. I am patient, responsive, responsible and willing to die for the crew without hesitation. I play the game not to win, but to make everyone has a good time. I love playing here on Goonstation and want to help keep the station alive and well!

Security Experience:

I have been playing on Goon for years and security for almost as long. I am familiar with nearly all the mentors and admins and I stay out of trouble.

Tracking down fugitives, thwarting wraiths, bombing blobs, giving unruly clowns swiries, it's all routine at this point. Although I am not the most robust or knowledgeable crew member I am very observant and vigilant. I love to ticket and fine people for minor crimes and arrest people after reading them their Miranda Rights. With the wiki page up I always quickly reference an offence for the proper jail time or make one up to fit the crime (I avoid permabrigging).

When approaching a murder scene or a potential crime I scan for prints and blood. After verifying identity of suspect I go to question them. If they are suspicious I relay whatever I know over radio for the rest of security. I am adamant about setting criminals to wanted into the computer to make it easier for all of security to be aware they are a threat. If I have enough evidence of a serious crime or an admission of guilt I give the suspect a trial. Some of the best action and comedy happens at these trials and it gets the rest of the crew involved, win-win. If the perpetrator is dangerous and on the run I will only use lethal force if absolutely necessary and when lives are in danger.

I am familiar with every work area and the traitor items they have (and how to counter many). I am a capable doctor and security officer (and bartender). I have played as each antagonist countless times (except Predator for some reason) and know their strengths and weaknesses. I am quick to resurrect fellow puritans with SR or with brain transfers. I can recognize serious threats to the station and communicate it for security and crew. 

In your opinion, what are the flaws and benefits of the current security layout: 

The brigs are great! Although people don't use the flashers frequently enough to protect security. I debate myself on the best placement of them. The phone is a great new addition and I absolutely love it. Things have evolved quite nicely and my favorite addition (other than the phone) is the multi-taser charging station. As it stands I have no critiques of the layouts. The multi door entrances are effective, especially with flashers, and the brigs are setup securely.

One thing I think we could potentially add is mounted cameras to each security helmets for the AI to watch security members. 

Previous Bans:

None that I can remember. I may have been banned when I first started because I was totally clueless about the game... but I don't remember that happening. I try to stay out of trouble and report serious rule breaking.

Thank you for your consideration! 

jons the catte

Bork bork bork!
Oh heck, it's Boris!

Yeah, I've played security with you plenty - you know what you're doing. Boris deserves a dang hat.
I've seen Boris plenty as a security officer. He interacts and talks quite a bit, and expect nothing but good, fun and solid security work from him. I say yea to him being HoS, for sure.
A fellow swede! I always enjoy playing with him around. Boris absolutely deserves the beret (or a hat) and as he said he's an excellent barman too.
Thanks for the kind replies guys! smile
Ive only ever had good interactions with Boris, even after I stole his trademark blue hair. Good player, likely a good HoS
Boris is fun and good sec, communicates well and is very conscientious and respectful in the way that they interact with other players. They'd be able to play HoS well I feel.
Boris is cool and fun and I'd totally trust him as the HoS  a fancy greater domestic space-bee
I actually remember the name Boris, and not for any bad reasons.

Probably oaky.
I've seen Boris many a time as a good sec, I say yes for HoS
His character is Swedish so I am really struggling to say anything good. He's such an awesome player and sec officer that I will definetely make an exception. Hell yes, beret him

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