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Critical Recent pronoun change option entirely non-functional
Related patch:

Both gender-neutral pronoun settings are entirely non-functional. Selecting either Male (they/them) or Female (they/them) will seem to be successful until you actually enter the game. Upon entering the game, you will default to the appropriate gendered pronoun for your selection.
Upon round completion, opening the character setup menu reveals that your choice wasn't actually saved.

How to reproduce:
See above

Possible causes:
The patch works when implemented on a local copy of 2016 gooncode, so my guess is that it probably has something to do with the way saves are handled in current code. Maybe.
This issue seems to have been silently addressed at some point.
Can anyone else confirm?
Yeah, Flourish took care of it earlier. (the not saving part at least. Theres still probably quite a few small places that have been missed that will be fixed as we find them)

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