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please unban me from the internet chatroom
My IRC Username: kingston

Date and time of the ban: 2016?

Who banned me: Mysterious happenings!

Summary of events leading up to the ban: am kingston

Why I should be unbanned: 

my last request slowly stunted and withered
whilst admins and other nerds dithered
so yet again i raise the hue and forbidden cry FREE
KINdness, i submit that it be shown to me and to thee
a year has passed, it's almost christmas so what the hell, i figured?

like santa, i return annually to spread good cheer and post an unban thread. unlike santa, i am unable to enter the internet relay chat without being banned and this state of affairs does not stuff my stocking. in the previous thread i believe it was found out that a lone, furious grinch (ie not me) was the one spamming free kingston so i assume that's a nonissue this yuletide. as far as the ill-will some felt towards me last year, my hope is that only holiday spirit occupies those hearts today. 

like before i dont really have anything in particular i want with the IRC, but sometimes i get curious what's going on/want to say hi to anyone i might still know, so in summary i'd like to be unbanned from irc please
another wacky unban request, another denial

there's a pattern here, try to learn it

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