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NSS HORIZON: The NT fleet's longest and most lengthy cruiser.
New Map Image~!

So there's been a fairly heavy reshuffle of a few key departments.

- Main area opened up a lot, easier to navigate and chase
- Armory relocated to reduce number of double walls
- Dedicated interrogation room with better prisoner control
- Larger solitaries

- Ditched the front-office / back-office concept
- Front office converted to Janitor's Office with small delivery zone
- QM integrated into space between engineering and research
- Shared podbay with engineers
- More tubes

- Transfered to the port nacelle
- PTL goes here too now
- Somewhat close to an easy interception point for QM parcels

Other ...Stuff?
- Gaming zone moved up front into the laid back wood zone. Bring owls to your Harry Potter F.A.T.A.L. campaign?
- The chapel has been redesigned for space efficiency, privacy, and shares a cold room with robotics too now.
- Clown Compound moved away from the listening post
- Other minor fixes

Thanks for viewing friends
I think everything looks pretty nice! It's great that you found space for QM, and I think the pipe system is very cool.

Additional thoughts (some of which might just be nitpicks/personal preferences):
  • Mining's 2x2 lobby doesn't do much for me. Maybe just expand mining itself, or the area outside it? Also, adding a window or two so that people can see into mining from an area on ship (and not outside) would be good. 
  • For some of the transitions from wood to darker wood, you could do wood stairs. If it's in the 2016 release.
  • The chapel's chair placement looks kinda unbalanced. So does the dark blue carpet. Maybe consider some reshuffling? 
  • Security needs more than two equipment lockers. Maybe replace some of the beds with lockers and do a little reorganizing for a whole line of lockers? 
  • Another sec computer inside security would be good.
  • Maybe add a beacon to the off-ship test chamber? 
I like the little cooling system in the engineering control room, does that actually work? Also that heating pipe to the pool has some potential for serious shennanigans during a hellburn.
Security is awesome; is there a Horizon megathread on the forums yet?
We're using this one for discussion of future evolution, and
this thread:
for bugs

what do you mean exactly by megathread?
a couple little updates:
- Genetics now faces a primary hallway
- Toxins has been rearranged and there are now a lot more options for burning. should make bombmaking much MUCH easier.

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