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NSS HORIZON: The NT fleet's longest and most lengthy cruiser.
Some general thoughts:
  • The ship looks nice and pretty polished, and it definitely has good character. I appreciate the small things and the attention to detail.
  • I'm not a fan of the ugly brown/grey carpeting in places, but I understand sometimes it's used intentionally.
  • It looks like it's not possible to traverse some areas of the ship without going into the main hall or having access. This might prove an issue if there are bombings or there's a blob or something. However, I do see lots of external airlocks and windows and emergency suit sets. Maybe add a few more of those suits I guess? 
Sizing/placement issues I have:
  • The crematorium by the chapel is pretty big in comparison to the chapel itself. Maybe move the coffins into maint or a recess somewhere and expand the chapel a bit, making room for a confession booth?
  • I like medbay's size, but the entrance and the room directly after it seem a bit cramped due to how rectangular they are. 
  • The long hallway in security would make chasing prisoners pretty difficult, while the area in its top left seems kinda small. 
  • Genpop is pretty big. Resizing it could provide some extra room for sec affairs.
  • Research and engineering are both pretty big. I see that QM has been given its own mini-ship, which I'm not a fan of; personally I think it should be more in your face to encourage crew interactions. Maybe whittle down the former two departments a bit to make room for QM on the main ship? Or do some reshuffling (e.g. move the PTL and disposals to the mini-ship)?
Miscellaneous questions/issues I have:
  • Are bathrooms/showers purposefully tiled with normal tiles rather than their usual tiles?
  • Where do some of the random flushers go (e.g. botany, the bar)?
  • A packet sniffer in tech storage would be good.
  • Mining could use a couple windows.
Some of the things I really like:
  • Botany. It looks very nice and feels comfortable. A front desk would be a great addition.
  • The bar and the kitchen. I enjoy spacious bars and kitchens and this one looks good for interactions. 
  • Again, all the cute little extra things and details you've added (e.g. the three different buttons and flushers in the prisoner's room in the courtoom). As mentioned before, I think your map has good character, and I think these things definitely help make it feel special and distinct. 

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