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NSS HORIZON: The NT fleet's longest and most lengthy cruiser.
(12-06-2018, 06:10 AM)aft2001 Wrote: Some things I noticed that could be changed/added/removed:

Quarantine blast doors for Virology and the Monkey Pen (for RP and also when monkeys go berserk because the geneticist looked at a monkey the wrong way)
i gave this some thought and i'm not feeling it. seems heavyhanded for something thats already electrified.

There is no mop bucket in either custodial closet. The Janitor's Union is displeased and will lube your floors until this is rectified.
are you sure? 

Blast doors probably should be added to Telescience
and thus it is done. 

I'm not sure if it's supposed to be, but the Toxins Pump Control Computer isn't actually connected to the network via cable.
doesnt seem to need it in '16 

Also I'm not sure if the power monitoring console in the Chief Engineer's office is connected to the network either.
good catch, it was not. it is now. 

There are no document scanners in Science. This oversight will result in much paperwork from the Counsel of Bureaucracy until rectified.
scannerissimo existo! 

Maybe a table/rack of spare tapes, networking guides, and other networking-related stuff should be added to the computer core?
wish granted

Also I really like the ship in general, but these are just some nitpicky issues I saw.

Thanks for the feedback, please feast upon the updated image.

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