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NSS HORIZON: The NT fleet's longest and most lengthy cruiser.
It's probably time to make a thread for this ship, since it's safely past the "bad idea"/experimental stage. 

It's now a fully fledged error, an enormous blunder, a fiscal and metrological nightmare. It's a long boat. 

Current Features™: 
- Very Long!
- Horizontal widescreen room design, to take better advantage of 16x9 aspect
- Tubes what takes you from here to there! 
- No mail system. tube yourself instead. 
- Off-Limits QM warehouse on the port nacelle, away from pranksters- QM front office up front near EVA & Customs! (use tubes to get there u eg)
- Quiet low-lying starboard nacelle for medical research which doubles as a secondary medbay, protected if the main bay is bombed. 
- Vacuum-Isolated burn chambers for long-round comfort, and safe hellburns for RP. 
- Patented luxury automatic trial & processing system: never touch a dirty con from bail denial to execution! 
- Sports Bar & Boxing Gym combo. 
- Asteroid Belt Salvage setting, bits and chunks 2 explore. 
- Clown Emporium
- Independant AI power grid
- Most important asteroid field bits have power grids
- Test Chamber far enough from the ship to actually test a bomb without YellingAt™

map image:
(debris belts now moastley filled)
[Image: horizon1-26-2019.png]

Please take a minute to leave scathing reviews so i can get all the stupid shit steamrolled out of it.

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NSS HORIZON: The NT fleet's longest and most lengthy cruiser. - by warcrimes - 12-03-2018, 08:47 PM

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