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Perm ban for using name Loli
Who banned you:flourish
Byond Key:TheRandom
Date of Ban: December 12
Specified Reason for Ban: Named themselves "The Loli"
Ban Length: Perm
What led to the ban?: Prop. the admin watched too much porn with tags "Loli" and dosn't know what Loli really means. ("Different admins have different styles.")
Why should I be unbanned: Why would i be even banned for naming my self Underage child? Loli isn't even a sexual harrasment.
1) You can't appeal a permaban until 30 days have passed.
2) You're actually accusing an admin of watching child porn (animated or not, it's children in erotic situations) in your own defence?

Nah. You can appeal in a month but you need to come back with an actual understanding of why it's not going to fly here.

Equally the reason for your ban is different to what you posted and this response would have been different had you actually put the full reason, so there's another lesson for you too I suppose.
#3 , for further info moving ahead with this charmer.
This would have been lifted in an instant if you didn't go for the "shoot myself in the foot" option, just FYI.

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