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[Feature] Give Dr. Acula and bats some more personality.
Okay, so I love Dr. Acula. I don't know about any of you, but this is a long time coming even though I didn't really think of it until a couple days ago. Dr. Acula is a bat, and drink blood (probably), this bat now can. My changes also apply to other bat obj/critters so there's that as well.

Copying description from PR:
This adds a crew objective for the medical director to ensure that Dr. Acula survives and is fed 1000 blood points by the end of shift.

All bats, in addition to Dr. Acula have a var that stores the amount of blood they have consumed. Dr. Acula can consume blood from humans, either by click dragging Dr. Acula to yourself or by attacking. 

Dr. Acula can also drink blood that is left around on containers on the floor such as IV drips and beakers. If there is something else mixed in, he will ignore it and using bat/doctor-magic will only drink the blood reagent.

Bats gain health from drinking blood too. +2 health per sip of blood from a human, +1 from a container.
The obvious next step would be giving vampires the ability to turn into a super-bat and absorb blood that way.

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