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[Feature] Mindslave Cloning Module 1.1

A few updates for the mindslave cloning module

- Now makes SpoooOOOoooky noises while running. You may want to make sure nobody is hearing them nearby.
- Now with a Menacing Scary Glow
- Screwdrivering the module now takes a few seconds and drops the module instead of destroying it
- New Deluxe Mindslave Module Kit. Costs a whopping 11 telecrystals but comes with a cloning-lab-in-a-box. For optimal use make sure to use that last tc on a stylish moustache. Place the provided boxes for you cloning lab wherever you like and then use the provided soldering iron on them to set up your lab of horrors.
- You can still order the module on its own for 7tc. Youll have more tc left for items but youll have to build your own cloning lab the old fashioned way, which takes time.
- The MD and Doctors caught on to the geneticists new toy and bullied them into sharing. They can now also order the module.
1. take good feature
2. improve
3. repeat

cool patch
awesome! Great to see, will be interesting with the new sound and lights

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