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Permanent Ban Appeal [Flourish]
Who banned you?: Flourish
Byond Key: Scub
Date of Ban: Late night 11/18/2018
Specified Reason for Ban: "Reason: Joined with the name "Coon Station". Ignored admin PMs and logged out."
Ban Length: Permanent Ban
What led to the ban?: I didn't know I had to reply and the logout was most likely the reason next to the name.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I'm appealing because my ingame name 'Coon Station' was simply meant to be a one-time joke (I meant to only use it for one game but it was set to my #1 profile so it was the default, though the previous game I had used my other character, Arnold J. Ticklebottom, I believe is the name) for me and my friends on the server. I didn't make the name with the intent to purposely slander the server or its staff. I get that to anyone else it would seem as blatant racism/slander but that was not the case I assure you. I didn't mean to ignore the Admin PM, I'm decently new to the server and I didn't actually know I had to reply, I had logged out and logged back in, in the hopes that I could swap character profiles to no avail. I logged out and remained that way until my friend was going to tell me the round ended so I could delete that profile and make a new normal one but I had fell asleep when that time came. To Flourish I didn't ignore you, I read your PM and took an action I believed was viable, waiting it out and replacing that joke profile on the next rounds start.
                 I think I should be unbanned, because it was a joke for friends, I didn't know I had to reply, and I had intent to fix the issue. You have my word it won't happen again, and I'll be sure to read the rules thoroughly before going out of my way to make a frisky joke for a cheap laugh.
Evasion Attempts: Unintentional evasion through logging out, I'm sorry I didn't realize I couldn't just log out and wait. 
Thank you for the thoughtful appeal. I've unbanned you now. Let me know if you have any issues connecting!

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