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Discord Ban Appeal (adhara banned by Wonkmin)
My discord Username: adhara#2038 (let me know if you cant unban with the current username, ill reply with a list of usernames i probably had at that point in time)

Date and time of the ban: feburary of 2017 i believe

Who banned me: im pretty sure that it was wonkmin who banned me from the discord

Message given in the kick, if present (i dont remember if there was one and if there was i cant go back and see it, sorry Dsmile

Summary of events leading up to the ban: i posted a screenshot from an anime called jojo's bizzare adventure. the anime isn't as grounded in western culture, so there was a scene that had a naked baby having its diaper changed. for some reason i thought this was *hilarious*, so i posted it in the gooncord and went to sleep. when i woke up, i was banned from the discord and subsequently banned from the game.

Why I should be unbanned: this is one of those things where ive been struggling with making a ban appeal for it because it is supremely embarassing. it was an incredibly stupid mistake, and its always gonna be something that i have to live with and cringe when thinking about. but its been a year and another good chunk of a year, things have been happening in my life that have forced me to mature a lot, and ive matured a lot as a result of getting older and growing as a person. (ive especially grown way past the point where i think that posting something blatantly offensive and inappropriate is the pinnacle of comedy.) so, if i havent served enough time on the ban in anyone's opinion, i can understand why. i wont argue back against any more punishment, i just wanted to show that i have changed and grown, and i am willing to appeal and publicly admit to my mistakes.
yeah fine with me
(11-19-2018, 09:43 AM)Wonkmin Wrote: yeah fine with me

thank you.

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