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[Feature] Improve character customization menus in the Preferences screen
Well, a month ago or something I tried to mess with the character creator and it was a nightmare. I thought it would be more user friendly to use html dropdowns instead of a popup; hopefully this should make it less painless.

[Image: Uvn06Me.gif]

Video Demo:

Technical Notes:
- Each time a table has a value changed, it sends off a Topic call to byond with the choice selected so that it can generate the sprite. I'm not sure if this could be a problem because by scrolling through a ton fast you'd be sending a lot of calls.

- I have the javascript sleep for .5 seconds before it updates the image file. This is to give the Topic call and Byond enough time to update the sprite and send it back to to the byond browser cache.

EDIT: Stole debounce function to fix the numerous topic calls issue like wire suggested. Commit below:
looks very good, judging from the video. looks like i could scroll randomly through the hair options for dumb overlapping hair roulette. also, that image doesnt exist, the ezgif thing
This is some good stuff!
God, I wish we had more scroll wheel tech in play. Imagine being able to scroll through a right click menu on a pile of items, to toggle the the settings on a gun or tool, or to fast switch through the items in an open bag or toolbox
oh my god PLEASE
I would ratelimit topic requests (on the client side) if I were you.
(01-12-2019, 08:39 AM)qwertyquerty Wrote: I would ratelimit topic requests  (on the client side) if I were you.

It does do that. The video I showed I just left that out for that cool effect of super fast swapping between hairs.

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