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Mentor Application:Sayuta
Usual Character Name: Daniella Amaryllis
BYOND Username: Sayuta
Recommended by (if applicable): Readster, Cogwerks
Times Available: Usually later at night, but varies based on schedule

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum): 

The reason i'm applying for mentor is to provide a better avenue than just discord or ghost chat to answer game questions that newer or even more seasoned players may have, and just because I genuinely enjoy seeing people grow and excel at their jobs, or find fun things to do that they might not have realized possible before.

Over the course of my time, and over several decently long breaks I've decided to make a more permanent return to the game, and a lot of people I've talked to have honestly recommended that I apply for mentor, and I enjoy and usually respond to alot of player questions in the discord, or try to provide alternatives for them in solving their problems.

As for game experience, I've been playing since around 2013 or so off and on, so I've seen a lot of changes to the game from permanant bucklecuffing to what we have now.

For department experience i'm accomplished most in chemistry, knowing a good portion of how certain reagents interact with eachother, and also knowledgeable about the actual code for chemistry often times finding exploits and reporting them before (hopefully) anyone breaks them, In addition I have a love of the sensation of self-discovery, and refrain from sharing or spoiling the more secretive aspects of the department, while still trying to give people an idea of what even just the basic chemicals are capable of.

For a good while I worked in medical and racked up a good bit of playtime there, and have a good knoweldge of departments there such as genetics, robotics and general treatment and surgery, and often times am willing to help or coax players into learning how to better and more efficiently treat other players.

I'm also a notable telescientist, closely working with the solarium groups to further the exploration and understanding of the adventure zones, and I also give advice on how to overcome certain obstacles without trying to spoil things for them and welcoming new people into the hobby.

Other than those, I am experienced in botany, mechanics, and a bit into engineering.

Ultimately, I'd like to see players grow in experience and such, and really would love to see the excellent stories they produce.
Cheers for reading and consideration - Dani

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): No bans, just a warning.
sayuta has a big fat brain full of spooky knowledge, and they're very good at teaching (in my personal experience and from what ive witnessed) a definite yes from me!
My name is Readster and I approve this message
Familiar with the name from discord if not in game, they're a decent person. I vote yes.
A very knowledgeable individual and a pretty kind one too.

A yes from me.
Daniella is top tier player and person, for sure.

A big honkin' gold star(glove?) from me!
Daniella is really capable and Sayuta is really active in the community and very nice. They'd make a good mentor.
Knows their stuff, is already imparting that stuff to others via non-mentor channels, so streamlining that so they can tell others about that stuff via mentorhelp would be good.
I'm sorry, I cannot endorse this particular mentor application.  I was the original player of the 'Twins Gimmick' played with the Graves Twins, Sayuta was the other.  The two of us interacted quite often in-and-out of game, to the point that we knew each other well.  Sayuta's personality is very toxic to me, and he has a very mean streak when you upset him.  From my experience, I have upset him twice, both have ended up in nasty retaliation in ways he knew how to get under my skin as he knew me well.

The first time I upset him, was when I realized I was starting to break the rules and aiding an antag as a non-antag because Sayuta was the antag.  I disarmed a security officer because he was trying to arrest Sayuta.  After getting told I'm an idiot validly by admins, I did everything I could to get away from Sayuta, just to stay away from him.  He kept finding me and trying to just sit next to me, regardless of me telling him I wanted to be alone.  He decided to beat me to death saying "If this is what you want, you can have it" as if it were a punishment.
The second time was when I decided to break the twins gimmick off, and ended up having to block him for my mental safety, as he continued to try to get me to reconsider, regardless of how I felt.  He tried everything he could, from being nice, being mean, being apologetic, harassing me, just to keep it up.  It scared me honestly how easily he could just change how he acted to me - and we were good friends at that point - just because I did something he didn't like.

When I see him being nice in discord lately, it scares me to think who else he'd do that to, or is currently doing it to.

"I have a love of the sensation of self-discovery, and refrain from sharing or spoiling the more secretive aspects of the department" is not entirely true.  Yes, he's great to brainstorm things with, from secret chems to traitor gimmicks, but if he thinks something is stupid, he will just tell you rather than letting you find out.

When I broke off the twins gimmick, he refused to revert his avatar to not look like me anymore.  I had him blocked for my mental safety, so when I temporarily unblocked him to tell him to stop using my hair recipe, which I did by pinging him in discord general chat so that he could not harass me, he did the bare minimum to take it off, and got mad at me for saying anything in the first place.

[Image: unknown.png]

I agree, Sayuta knows his shit, but I cannot agree that his personality is right for the position.
While thats your interpretation of the events, then that's fine, you're very welcome to share your opinion, i'd like to ask people to get both sides of it though to get a decent understanding of what took place from both parties, and an event that happened several months ago really should not have much of a bearing on if I would make a good mentor or not as six plus months is well enough time.

Ultimately the point of that discord post was to suggest that if you have a personal issue, to take it up in a private chat instead of airing it out in a place where it really doesnt belong, as such I apologize if you took it in a hostile way.
Strangely don't recognize your ingame name...but I do know you from discord. Which is weird because I feel like we've done stuff in game before...

That said....Daniella is a knowledgeable player who can often times provide information obscure fringe mechanics, one-off item interactions, mechanics that were patched and or bugged/bugfixed, and goonstation history
I kind of forgot about that incident Eibel mentioned...

Sayuta definitely has the know-how to do most everything and how to share the right info with people, but to be honest sometimes they can be a little bit too far and extreme with things, and they are often rudely sarcastic, something that may not go over well with mentorhelping. I don't 100% Sayuta with this kind of thing and don't know if I will for a good while...

So my answer for now is NO. I just can't agree to risk having a mentor that could possibly be rude to a new player and drive them off.

100% trust*


Sorry for double post
I'm sorry for posting again and I feel like a scumbag for doing this so late after the application was posted.

Usually, when I make decisions, I tend to rush into them. It's a personality flaw of mine, and it can lead to awkward and sticky situations like this one. Initially, I voiced support for Sayuta becoming a mentor. I'm changing my stance to rescind my support for this application.

I don't think Sayuta is a horrible person. They know a *lot*. Scary amounts of a lot. But as we all know, that's not the only factor for being a mentor. You also have to be willing to help people and have the right attitude to help people and this is where I think Sayuta falls a bit short. They just don't seem to have that same spirit that a lot of mentors do. I don't know what it is, but I never felt like the help or advice that I received from Sayuta was in my best interest, and rather served to stroke their own ego and show me how much knowledge they had; keeping me in a position where I was still admiring and looking up to them. I also never felt like Sayuta listened to me when I tried to misguidedly help repair interpersonal their relationships, and they overall were resistant to making changes and resistant to acknowledging that they may have been wrong. I'm also naturally a very trusting person who does their best to be liked because I enjoy the gratification and satisfaction from that feeling. I don't think Sayuta is doing anything malevolent, but after spacing myself away from things and looking back at whats transpired, I can safely say that I was being manipulated into thinking much higher of them and trusting them way more than I should've for someone that I had hardly known for the better part of a few weeks. I don't know whether or not this manipulation was conscious or not, and I'm not qualified to judge on that. I just don't think that, when stacked together, these qualities make someone who's qualified to be a mentor.
In light of the revelations above, I no longer feel comfortable recommending Sayuta for mentor. Despite their thorough knowledge of the game, I am no longer confident in their ability to disseminate that information in a helpful and friendly manner.

If I could edit my original post, I would, but for some reason that option is disabled.
due to the sensitivity of this issue we have decided to close this application

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