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Yee C W
Make it look like Taylor Lautner
Part 1:
Part 2:

Request away for next week, we already have:
Main Event: Tag Team Title Match: The Fundead vs. The Mime and the Turtle
King Readster vs. Kyle in a cage match
Dick Dorkly + Bubs vs. The Owlery
Diddles and Badman team up against The Law
FLEXX HARD BANGOMAN challenges Death Badman and Kyle to a ladder match.
Hey wonk you still accepting charaxters?
yes but the "please be able to watch either the recording or be there live" request is there as it can be time consuming. Definitely happy to make more people though smile
Alright wonk, might aswell just use my OG spessman since I know him.

Name: Jason "Collenfield" Hayward

Look: Some sort of white undershirt + Black Best combo, aslong as it looks like the default Goon Barman Attire. Bright neon green pompadour hair if that is available and a bright green goatee aswell. Hell if its available green eye contacts. Also a hat, any kind of hat and I don't know if its possible in the engine but if you can randomize the worn hat.

Fighting style:Elbow drops and throwing people around. Definitely add a suplex in there.

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