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Yee C W
Today marks one year since the last episode of Yee CW. Woop.

Also, a minor change to Jack Jackson: because I usually play roboticist when I feel like being medical rather than being a general medbay main, I suggest that you update Jack Jackson's labcoat to have the grey markings of a roboticist. Want to keep his iconic look while still being accurate to how I am in-game.
Dear YEE,

For christmas i would like to add a white bathrobe or mink fur coat to my client Mr. Bangoman, to be removed before a tussle. Or perhaps to be kept on, depends what's more terriffic. Maybe a fur coat over a bathrobe. Or the inverse. Open front if possible.

Also idk if it's just because he was getting his ass handed to him in the preview, but i'd like to emphasize a bit more rope work. Think fat space rey mysterio.

Request: Jay Wolff
[Image: fu84tu.png]

Masked "luchador" senator who does flippy shit but whose bread and butter is just the scummiest, cheatingest moveset possible; just groin shots and eye jabs and foreign objects as far as the eye can see. And like, a top rope elbow drop. The robe is presumably entrance gear. Under that would be... I think Death Badman probably wrestles in a full suit.

Heck, maybe slap a monocle on top of the mask if you can.
Id love to add Sam Eagle in!

Sam Eagle

Average sized with blue, pompadour hair and if possible yellow gloves.

some move ideas... hmmm.. im referring to this -

Im going to ask for Showboat 3 if possible?
Some of these characters are marvellous and thank you so much for going into detail with movesets and things. Makes life so much easier.

Taking the day off creation today but will get back on the horse tomorrow. Hoping for a first broadcast on Monday 5th November but it may be later in the week. It all goes to Youtube regardless.
I humbly request King Readster the shittest of shit heels
[Image: RtLlOi9.png]
Just give him a blue face something like this and the fanciest crown available.

He also needs a big royal cape if such things are about.
Overall his appearance should best be described as "very punchable"

Personality: Massive ego. Just thinks he's the absolute shit. When people boo all he hears is cheering. Literally believes he's king of the world.

Intro: It feels like the king himself just walked on stage and claimed the ring for the british empire

Special Move: A very fancy chokeslam
Final Smash: Readster Starts Swinging

Pulls out a bat made up of pure self love and "starts swinging"
[Image: swinging.png]
This clouwnts as consent
New PC is built and the WWE game works superbly. We're back on, gentlemens.
[Image: G9YTwJU.gif]
"Readster starts swinging"

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