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Yee C W
Poor Badman, Diddles would like to form a team with him (and maybe Tooty if he wants) with the name of either "The Politicians" or Team "Kyle Sucks Poop"
Episode 11 Provisional Card:
Dominic vs. The Hootening (Winner faces King Readster for the title)
Dick Flexx vs. Solid State Drive (Tag Team Championships)
Dutch Menace vs. Sour Kraut
Headsurgeon vs. AI Kraken

Two matches free currently!
Diddles desires the human flesh
This returns tomorrow night - a preview:
Oh Honk yeah!
Season 2, Episode 1:
Back Monday, I was away this week and Discord voted for the show to be Monday rather than tonight.

Still, here's a thing:
We are back with episode 5, two hours from this post.

Sour Kraut vs. Unspeakable Horror (Yee 1)
Jason Hayward vs. Tiny Turtle (Yee 1)
Big Coal vs. Captain Admiral
Muscle Wizard vs. Popecrunch in a "Most Abominable Wrestler" ladder match
Sinta Claws and Slippy vs. King Readster and The Hootening
Kraken AI vs. Ivan Ivanovich
I would like to suggest 2 new characters
1. Krotchy from Postal 2 and nowhere else
2. Bubs mum as depicted in this picture
[Image: XlmYHxz.png]
I only use characters that people "handle" / "own", so neither would work.
Week 7:

Couple of old faces revisit, and a hell of a main event. Also a video made by Pope. Yeah...
[Image: yCvPLg3.png]

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