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Yee C W
alright lets go with

Name - Dick Dorkly
Looks - absurdly tall and skinny, a neckbeard and glasses if thats at all possible, and a ponytail. extremely terrible fashion sense in whatever clothing they let you pick from. might as well make him Indian looking for that Singh flavor, hell if they have a turban throw one on
Fighting - judo/grappling type stuff

Wonk edit; He's in!
Hell yeah Wonk.

Name - Judge "THE LAW" Ledger
Looks - Make him look like a sec officer/HoS type deal. Stupid Salvador Dali moustasche, hair doesn't really matter. I'm sure WWE 2k19 has some police assets so those will do fine.
Fighting - Make him a technician, the direct strike moves you can give him the better. (So less submission.) Bonus points if you give him the spear as a finishing move.

edit: he's done too!
Diddles the Clownboy
[Image: Diddles_OC-haw.jpg]
(Guns are probably a bad idea, please ignore them)
Style would be anything you could describe as "cowboy" esque.

Or Clown esque

Or both

Or neither

edit: dun!
Hello it's me again. <-- new boys.

Current roster (23 people!)
Bargain Bill
Death Badman
Flexx Bangoman
Horatio Jiggles
Hunky Davis
Jack Jackson
King Readster
Kraken AI
Mr Muggles
Ravelord Nito
Sam Eagle
Sour Kraut
The Hootening
The Nebromancer
Tiny Turtle
Unspeakable Horror
Dick Dorkly
Judge Ledger
Diddles the Clownboy

Just about to put the finishing touches to our Universe, then we're good to go.

We currently only have two tag teams - the Fundead (Nito and Nebromancer) and The Owlery (Muggles and Hootening). If you'd like to team up with anyone else please let me know.

Also consider joining the Discord and enable the Yee C W channel for yourself!

Finally, challenge away! We have loads of wrestlers but some direction of who wants to fight who is very welcome.
I believe FLEXX "HARD" BANGOMAN would have beef to pick with anyone who represents THE LAW and/or germany.

also definitely willing to assist and team up with any other illegalists or fat acrobats
kraken would be willing to team but only with someone who can beat them in single combat
Diddles and Tooty are brothers in horns, they would likely team up. If a mime is added then they shall be Diddles arch nemesis, otherwise Diddles and the law have a very harsh relationship.

I liked the part where the funny man punched the guy in the dick

Almost there.
Okay,we're going live on Monday at 8pm GMT, all things going well.

Current card:
Main Event: Readster and Saur Kraut vs. Judge Ledger and Dick Dorkly
Diddles the Clown and Tooty vs. Unspeakable Horror and Tiny Turtle (Winner gets tag team title shot in episode 2)
The Fundead vs. The Owlery (Winner gets tag team title shot in episode 2)
KRAKEN AI vs. Kyle
Sam Eagle vs. Jack Jackson
Bargain Bill and Hunky Davis vs. Horatio Jiggles and Flexx Bangoman
Bubs vs. Headsurgeon vs. Death Badman

Card subject to change but this is the whole roster being used so fingers crossed it works!
Have now got !fanpower working again and betting seems as good as ever, so we're back on tomorrow night. 8pm British time. Will put a countdown on my Twitch page perhaps.
>tfw the stream will be while I am at school and I won't get to see my boys live.

Ah well. Good luck with the stream, mates.
If I'm quick I can make it home for the stream
Okay - we're good to go. YOU SAW NOTHING.
Some technical difficulties but what a night! I will upload to youtube overnight so will post the links ASAP or hopefully the channel will autopost them.

Sincere apologies to Recusor and Birb because your guys didn't get to fight - will try to work out what the issue was and put on a fight for you recorded separately.

Thanks so much for the support!
Name- Jay WereWolff
Looks- A werewolf
Fighting Style- A werewolf?

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