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Mentor application: Flaborized
Usual Character Name: Emma Yorkshire/POMERANIAN
BYOND Username: Flaborized
Recommended by (if applicable): a lot of people
Times Available: depends a lot

Reason for Application + Game Experience (300 word minimum):  I want to be a mentor both because everyone tells me I should be one and I want to help new players get into the game. This game rocks and I wanna have a positive impact on the community. I've been playing since December 1st, 2017 and I would not have stayed this long if it were not for the fantastic Goonstation community. I wanna be for some other player what the good community members were to me when I started playing!

  As for game experience, I've played every job at least a little. I'm very familiar with all of research, I know genetics and medical very well and I can make power with all the current engines. I know how to scan and build stuff as a mechanic, how to make a decent amount of cash as a QM and how to mine stuff and manipulate matsci. I've made weed that explodes when you light it, mopped floors, served drinks and shoved my own PDA into the deep fryer as a chef. I like to think that I'm good security, and I'm a certified HoS. I also know how to change ID access and I've played a lot of silicon too. I know how to play as every antag with the exception of blob and flock. I have no idea how to do pathology and deeper-level packet and DWAINE stuff. I'm capable of answering basic gameplay questions with accuracy and clarity.

  Also. I think this sort of goes without saying but I wouldn't use the mentor position to metagame. Winning is NOT the fun of this game and mentorhelp is supposed to be a "safe" OOC sort of thing. If someone with a Ckey of "JohnSmithfart" asks me "HOW DO I KILL PEOPLE AS A LING", and I see John Smith staring at me in-game, I'm certainly not gonna call him out or run away from him or something lame. I value the integrity of the game and I'm aware that we're all here to have a good time in farty space.

Previous Bans (While this will not affect your application lying about it will): No bans.
I definitely recommend Flaborized. Emma Yorkshire is consistently an awesome crewmember to have, either with shenanigans in science or making enjoyable and interesting Antag rounds. Absolute yes by me.
Emma is a fun and good player and would definitely be a great mentor. Yes.
A no brainer. Purple she.
Emma Yorkshire is only ever a good name to see +1 thx
I definitely think Flaborized has exactly the sort of attitude that is ideal for a mentor. I have often seen her teaching players who are new to a mechanic or job, and she encourages people to learn. Hell, I got into science and chemistry with her guidance, and I'm certain she's made a good impact on many others.

And this doesn't even touch on the width of her knowledge. It is often said, quite accurately, that most of mentoring is answering questions about basic concepts, but the more difficult questions still exist, and I am quite certain Flaborized is capable of answering them.

murdered three people as a non-traitor yesterday

jk, why not
It's about fucking time
Actually recognize the name, which is annoyingly difficult for me sometimes.
Emma Yorkshire is a model crewmember and an exceptional HoS, every round is made better with them around. Flaborized would make a wonderful mentor. Definite yes from me.
Good player, good app, will be good mentor.
I haven't played this game in months and I not only do I still remember my interactions with Emma, I remember they were good ones. A+ bastard, give em the purps!
(10-19-2018, 10:26 AM)Readster Wrote: It's about fucking time
Yeah, make her a mentor already. I thought when she became HoS that it also gives you mentor. Apparently not.
Great player. Deserves the purple nerdship

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