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[ Cirrial ] Vendetta2Sp00ky's Ban Appeal
Who banned you?: Cirrial
Byond Key: Vendetta2Sp00ky
Date of Ban: A year or so ago, I think.
Specified Reason for Ban:

>: ADMINHELP (Vendetta2Sp00ky/God of HONK): WANNA HEAR A
JOKE ADMINHELP (Vendetta2Sp00ky/God of HONK): YOURE GAY -- alright, I don't see
if this was intended to be anything other than a banme, so obliging, I guess!

Ban Length: Perma

What led to the ban? I was trying to be funny, called an admin gay - and they hit me with the comeback of the century.

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: It's been a while, and I'd like to give the server another shot. Rest assured, you won't see me doing things as stupid as this anymore.

Evasion Attempts: I don't believe I did.
I'm willing to unban you, but first you need to tell me which server rule or rules that you broke with that adminhelp.
Bigotry and sexual content is a non-negotiable hard 'no'. If you are unsure what sexual content includes: do not refer to sex acts, genitalia, or anything sexual in nature. Rape 'jokes' are considered sexual content. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to use the word rape in this game. Yes, you can call people dicks and insult them with terms that are used normally, but don't use bigoted language. Yes, this includes the term 'trap'. If an admin tells you to knock something off because it breaks the no bigotry or sexual content rule, that is not an invitation for debate. Knock it off or go elsewhere. Bigoted language (for example, slurs) is also not allowed in your BYOND key, character name, flavor text, or anything else with which you interact with the server, whether as a joke, or masked with misspellings or spoonerisms.

Don't be an awful person.
  • Hate speech, bigoted language, discrimination, harassment, or sexual content such as, but not limited to ERP and sexual assault will not be tolerated at all and may be considered grounds for immediate banning.
  • We're all here to have a good time! Going out of your way to seriously negatively impact or end the round for someone with little to no justification is against the rules. Legitimate conflicts where people get upset do happen however, these conflicts should escalate properly and retribution must be proportionate, roleplaying someone with a mental illness is not a legitimate reason.
Yup, very good, all solid here, thank you for reading the rules. Ban lifted, let me know if you have any trouble getting back in!

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