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Perma Ban Appeal (Wonkmin)
Who banned you?: wonkmin
Byond Key: Lizard_Blizzard_Wizard
Date of Ban: October 14th or a day or two before
Specified Reason for Ban: Shot the hell out of a clown then suicided and logged off. This would NOT be a ban usually, but as you're gone you're going to have to explain this nonsense on the forum.
Ban Length: Permanent 
What led to the ban?  I had been tased and whatnot beforehand for reasons, and I had saw the guy I shot try getting into the bridge and get thrown out while all hell was going on, and so I thought he might be an antag or something. Later I got wormholed somewhere I couldn't get out of , and the guy was there (which I didn't know was a clown). He threw some things at me and stuff happened, and I was honestly annoyed and I had to get off as I had school in the morning. I shot the guy dead and then I wanted to see if I could shoot myself with my last bullet(never suicided before) so I did, then I left the game. I just got on today and it said I was banned.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned as it was stated that I wouldn't have got banned if I stayed, but I couldn't as I HAD to get off. I also really love playing this game and would like to continue. I really do realize that what I did was toxic and stupid, and I know I wont do that again just because of a hunch and that I have to leave the server, and I would apologize to the guy if I could. frown
Evasion Attempts: I did leave the game shortly after killing the dude and myself, but not because I was trying to evade, but because I had to get off as I had school the next day. I also didn't get on the next day because the AT&T facility got struck by lighting so it cut off my wifi, so im just now aware of the perma ban.
This is a perfect appeal and I'm so glad you read the ban reason carefully enough to know to come here.

Lifting it in the next few minutes. Thanks!
It's so polite and properly formatted I was seriously expecting it to turn into SHITTY GOON SJW SLUR SLUR SLUR FUCK YOU halfway in the middle. Isn't it nice when the system works?

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