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unban request - flourish - a long time ago
Who banned you?: flourish
Byond Key: starttermial
Date of Ban: a long time ago
Specified Reason for Ban: Reason: As an AI under standard laws, immediately went around shocking doors at roundstart. When questioned, claimed that they didn't want to be the AI. When asked, "So you decided to just shock doors? Instead of asking people to debrain you, or ahelping?", replied yes, and promptly logged off (the conversation was obviously not finished). Please read the rules and also the wiki page on AI (, and come make an appeal on the forums if you want to play here. You'll still be banned from all silicon roles until you have a better mindset.
Ban Length: permanent
What led to the ban? i shocked doors as the ai because i did not want to be the ai
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: it was a long time ago before i really knew the rules and what i was doing, but i've played on other servers and learned how to play the game properly and what to do instead of shock doors (which obviously i should not have done at the time).
Evasion Attempts: probably but i don't know, it's been a while. i do use the ckey litboi36 now however
Hi! It definitely has been a while, and you seem to understand that shocking doors was no good, so I'll be happy to lift your ban. Just to confirm, is the account creeperparty568 also yours?
I believe my ckeys are starttermial, creeperparty568, and litboi36. I only use the last one however
Gotcha. I've unbanned you! Please keep the rules in mind as you play. Since you're using a new account, you won't be jobbanned from any silicon roles, which is fine by me. If you ever decide to use your old account and want those jobbans lifted, please ahelp.
Ok, thank you
Sorry, it looks like I forgot to delete a ban, and so you were autobanned when you tried to join just a couple minutes ago. Everything should be fine now, though - please try reconnecting.

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