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[Campaign] [email protected]
";At the - yeah -" I reply to Kickflip over radio.
I make a mental note to send a strongly worded letter to my internet service provider after I finish firebarrage's admin complaint, and once again try to go to science.
Wiggles Wigglesby (Test Subject Staff Assistant)

Suppressed apparently doesn't mean what I thought it meant. Oh well. That thing would only get me in trouble anyway. Scoop up a few of the spare leaves that are literally piled around into my pack.

Follow the security officer out of botany if he heads that way, or go and mail myself to a random (NON-MEDBAY) location if not.

I should probably look to acquire some safety gear, actually, in case I find myself back in medbay, so if I find myself either outside botany or in a place I have access out of, use my fancy staff assistant ID with maintenance access to try to find some emergency breathing stuff.

If I end up in somewhere interesting, wave at the people in there and hide under something if they appear threatening. In either case, offer them a peace leaf.

  • Worn: medical jumpsuit
  • ID: Wiggles Wigglesby (Staff Assistant)
  • Head: disgusting detective's hat
  • Ear: radio headset
  • Back: backpack
    • anesthetic tank
    • gross saxophone
    • paper
    • crayons (very colorful!)
    • standard medkit
    • ID, Gene Ticist (Geneticist)
    • PDA, Gene Ticist (GeneTek cartridge)
About time. I roll up a joint and get ready to relax. I send a quick message to Jack about the new toy I confiscated. Omce that's all done I wander over to the bar to grab some much needed snacks.

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