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Major You have no limbs to attack with!
huge immersion ruining bug where as a critter i am receiving this message
Quote:You have no limbs to attack with!
even though i'm a bat with one hand limb and one mouth limb, i can't pick things up just by clicking, have to use pick up verb

also while someone is fixing this can critters please be allowed to pick up things like hats?? i mean a bottle can be picked up but not a HAT???
Yeah I have no idea how to fix this. Critter code hasn't been changed recently (I don't think) and I can't replicate this locally, despite having the same exact code.
tried respawning as ghost critter and on screen interaction is fine, can pick up etc

have you tried having someone polymorph you?
Seems to be fixed? idk
yeah i fixed it and forgot to update the thread. its fixed

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