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Grongo's Appeal | Hokie
Who banned you?: Hokie, several evasion bans added on by Automoderator.
Byond Key: Grongo
Date of Ban: Feb 23 2014 14:41pm
Specified Reason for Ban: "Tries to kill random people for seemingly no reason as nontraitor. Logs out while being questioned. Explain this shit on the forums.", duration:
Ban Length: Permanent.
What led to the ban? I'll be honest: I've got no idea. This was over (by quite a bit) four years ago. I can tell you that I probably found it cheeky, disconnecting as a way to !!get back at the admins!! after all my previous bans. I cannot, however, give a clear picture of what happened: It's just too long ago and not enough of a key point in my life for me to do so.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: 
First off: Absolute clarity. I'm appealing my ban because as much as I like the other servers, Goonstation has always held a place as the server I enjoyed the most. It was never really about any of the wacky telescience or anything along those lines, just the atmosphere. I took every ban I got hit with seriously: Serious enough that, when it happened, I would recede back and think about what happened-- At least with my later ones. Take this one as an example: Four years. I've waited four years to actually appeal this ban, because I thought the verdict was absolutely within the rights of Hokie to give me a permanent ban for. But yet I'm here-- Asking for another chance.

Do I think what I did was right? No, absolutely not. And I understand that people do not change, situations do. But I've also got to say this: I'm certainly older now than I was then. As such, I'm more mature: I know how to take criticism and understand the flaws within my reasoning: I know how to make an apology and actually mean it, rather than just begrudgingly state that I 'apologize', and move on. This appeal is more to me than just getting unbanned from the server-- Though that's certainly a plus. It's me trying to make it clear that I've cleaned up my act and that I'm trying to find my way without destroying all the bridges I pass.

I'm more experienced now. Both with the real world, and the community of Space Station Thirteen as a whole. I've been managing to keep myself from getting any major bans from any server in preparation for my inevitable return to Goonstation, and the hopes of this appeal actually being accepted are, in fact, relatively high.

Evasion Attempts: Apparently, eleven. I wouldnt say that I was trying to evade-- Mostly just hoping every once and a while that you guys had done another mass-unban. Due to me having a dynamic address, I guess these got added onto by the automoderator every once and a while.
A good appeal. Give me a bit from this post you you should be unbanned.


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